Binance CEO shows the use of the Binance card for the first time


Binance’s CEO has just demonstrated the first use of the Binance Card, a crypto-debit card that Binance first announced in April 2020.

In a tweet on July 10, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao revealed that he was participating in the Binance Card beta test, which included transactions involving Binance’s native token, BNB.

Binance’s crypto debit card now officially works with Swipe

Along with transactions from Grab and Amazon, the CZ Binance Card transaction list also includes a transaction from Swipe, a Philippines-based crypto-to-fit debit card provider that was officially acquired by Binance on July 6. Shortly after the CZ tweet was published, Swipe reissued the publication, adding a brief comment, „Developed by Swipe“.

CZ Binance:

I’m very excited. I love beta test products…

All the real transactions. Audible/Amzn, Grab (Uber’s replacement), Lazada (Amzn’s replacement). Merchants accept cash on delivery, I paid in #BNB, directly from my Binance account. #Binance Card: I think I can finally go from 99% to 100% crypto“

The latest news confirms the expectations that Binance Card will implement the Swipe technology. When announcing Binance Card plans in April, Binance apparently did not originally plan the integration of Swipe. After Binance acquired Swipe on July 6, Swipe’s chief operating officer, John Khenneth, told Bitcoin Method that the two companies „will work closely together to launch crypto debit cards in various regions of the world.

Binance is driving more adoption of its tokens, including BNB, every day. Yesterday, BitTorrent of Tron added Binance’s stable USD currency, BUSD, as a payment option. As reported, BNB has already received support on the payment platform.